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Thematic Area A: Technologies for Ocean Exploration

Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica (ISR) / Instituto Superior Técnico e Univ. Algarve

Instituto do Mar / Dept. Oceanografia e Pescas da Universidade dos Açores (IMAR-DOP/UAçores),

Centro de Recursos Minerais, Mineralogia e Cristalografia da Faculdade de Ciências de Lisboa (CREMINER/FCUL).

1 - Summary of activities

During the year of 2004, the institutions in the thematic area A of the Associated Laboratory were involved in research and development activities in the fields of ocean sciences and technologies establishing solid bridges between this two large areas of knowledge through common research projects and missions at the sea.

From the ocean technologies side special emphasis was given to the design and development of navigation, guidance and control systems for unmanned robotic vehicles as well as to the implementation of real time distributed embedded architectures for the control of the vehicles Infante and Maya. The joint missions conducted by ISR/IMAR(DOP/Univ.Açores in the Pico channel, Azores Islands, were an important milestone for the development of the technological systems for the study and monitorization of the ocean. Further progress was also achieved in the study, development and test of systems for acoustic ocean tomography, acoustic remote sensing, and aerial autonomous platforms for the surveying of coastal areas.

In the field of ocean sciences, the institutions CREMINER and IMAR-DOP/UAç, together with international partners,  developed research work in a wide range of scientific areas that led to a better understanding of the interaction among phenomena of physical, biologic and chemic nature that occur in the ocean, and on its interfaces with the sea bottom and the atmosphere. As an example: the studies of the deep ocean hydrothermal fields of the Azores (MOMAR area) led by CREMINER and IMAR-DOP/UAç that involved missions to the Saldanha sea mount, and multidisciplinary studies of the ecosystems (coastal areas and deep sea), marine habitats, biodiversity and oceanography driven by IMAR-DOP/UAç within the scope of several national and international research projects.

2 - Indicators

A. Publications
Books and Book Chapters - 7
Papers in International Journals - 37
Papers in National Journals - 7

B. Comunications
In international conferences - 59
In national conferences - 7

C. Reports - 40

D. Organization of Seminars and Conferences - 15

E. Advanced Training
Ph.D Thesis (concluded) - 2
M.Sc Thesis (concluded) - 4
Others - 7

F. Models - 2

G. Computationla Applications - 2

H. Pilot Installations -

I. Laboratory Prototypes - 5

J. Patents - 1

3 - Publications in 2004

Books (1)

Morato, T. & D. Pauly (Eds.). Seamounts: Biodiversity and Fisheries. Fisheries Centre Research Report 12(5), 78 pp.

Book Chapters (6)

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Papers in international journals (37)

Almeida E., Monteiro Santos F. Mateus A., Heise W., Pous J. – Magnetotelluric measurements in SW Iberia: new data for the Variscan crustal structures analyses. Geophysical Research Letters (in press)

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Papers in national journals (7)

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